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LUIS MARIN "The One" 2015

Recordings & Videos

MGP21: San Juan - Day 17 - "Granted Wish" ft Luis Marin, Orlando Laureano, Enrique el Peru & Zé Luis

The second session at Play Bach studios. Joined on percussion with Enrique el Peru,  Orlando Laureano  and Zé Luis. They call this "Granted Wish."

Ahora Si-Andy Montañez & Sonora Ponceña

Trades with Master Pianist Papo Lucca

Faculty Concert @ CMPR

With students Gerionel Rivera & Orlando Muñiz

Quisiera-Juan Luis Guerra

Juan Luis Guerra (vocals, guitar); Rafael Payan (guitar); Francois Bauhaud (cello); Leo Pimentel (accordion); Juan Colon (alto & tenor saxophones); Arturo Sandoval (trumpet, flugelhorn); Angie Machado, Roden Santos (trumpet); Tonito Vasquez, Jose Flete (trombone); Marco Hernandez (piano, synthesizer); Juan Valdez, Luis Marin (piano); Pedro Perez, Hector Santana (bass); Lee Levin (drums, programming); Isidro Bobadilla (percussion); Juan De La Cruz (tamborine, congas, bongos, timbales, maracas); Charlie Sierra (bongos, timbales); Jimmy Morales (congos); Luis Enrique, Edwin Bonilla, Daniel Berroa (percussion).


LUIS MARIN "Inconsolable" 1999

LUIS MARIN "Live At NY Cafe Vol.2" 2003

Tahoe Records

Oye como va- Luis Marín Quartet #Ventana al mar

Luis Marín, Pedro Pérez, Kachiro Thomson & Pablo Rivera 

These productions showcase Luis Marín as a multi-talented well-rounded musician: pianist, composer, and arranger. His innovative proposals are a perfect mix of the jazz traditions with the Afro-Caribbean language.

Luis Marin's debut album in the jazz genre was received by the critics as one of the most important jazz albums in the local scene. On this album, Marin presents an anthology songbook of classic bolero compositions of the 50’s relevant to the repertoire of Puerto Rican singer Gilberto Monroig, being one of the first recordings in the genre where the Puerto Rican Songbook is addressed in the emerging movement Jazz decade of the 90's. 

This live recorded musical project captures fleeting moments of improvisation and interpretation of Puerto Rican’s songbook classics as well as jazz standards in a quartet format. Accompanied by Pedro Perez on bass, Pablo Rivera on drums and percussionist Paoli Mejías.


His latest release "The One" showcases his talent on a magical trip of diverse musical influences, exciting and introspective rhythms and heartfelt melodic and harmonic messages from the heart.

PIano sound check @ MAPR May 8, 2015

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