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Pianist Luis Marin presents an introspective work of puertorican standards, jazz standards and originals in an eclectic album, accompanied by such fine musicians as Pedro Perez, Pablo Rivera, Efrain Martinez, Kachiro Thomson and Richard Carrasco


  • The manner in which Luis Marín manipulates his two hands might suggest that they work almost independently of each other. At times the pianist’s right hand would appear to accelerate with very little control other than under its own momentum. Some of these movements, these probing forays into the heart of the melody, suggest that the pianist is searching for the meaning of the notes. In actual fact, he might actually be imparting new meaning to the ones that already exist. Clearly this is the case with his beautiful arrangement of “Las Caras Lindas”, The elegant tumbao and dialogue of bass, congas and piano of “El Flamboyan” and the melodic extravagance of “Fichas Negras” and “Franqueza Cruel”. In the former Mr. Marín cultivates intense emotions in order to pry open the melody of the song. In the latter he takes a dramatically different approach. Here he is dispassionate and almost too cool as he delves into the heart of the song. This continual sense of surprise is what is drives the entire album. It is also the reason that the album is almost too mesmerising to resist. - See more at:
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